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4 Ways to Make your Facebook Ads Sparkle, Shine and Convert


Facebook Ads / April 24, 2018

If there’s one thing we learned about Facebook Ads (and actually, we’ve learned a ton more), it’s that these tiny but very lucrative ads can quickly get very complex. When you start to consider all the possible variations — image, ad copy, targeting, retargeting, custom audiences — deciding which features and tactics to focus on can be overwhelming.

So how do you make the most of your valuable time and ad budget? Hone in on these four proven tactics to make your Facebook Ads campaign shine.

1. Target your ad creative to your audience

When you create a new audience segment for one of your Ad Sets, make sure your write ad copy and use images that sync with this audience. Take time to think about what interests and resonates with this particular group of people, and create ads that speak to their demographic, education level, geography and life stage.

2. Make and test many, many variations

You may think you know what works, but only your audience can tell you what they really want. Test multiple images with the same ad text, and vice versa. Launch Ad Sets with unique targeting options. Roll out your campaign with as many variations as you can crank out, then pare them back based on what’s working, so you are running only with the top performers. Identify exactly which variations succeed best, so you will be able to replicate them.

3. Target people who like your competitors

Facebook targeting is pretty astonishingly remarkable. Yes, you can put your ads in front of people who like and follow competitors and other brands that draw similar customers to your own. In an Ad Set’s Audience targeting option, select Detailed Targeting and simply select the brand names that are relevant to you. Remember: don’t get too precise with your targeting, or you won’t have a large enough audience to be relevant. Read more about Detailed Targeting here.

4. Create multiple ads that sync with matching landing pages

You may be saying “What? I don’t have the time or skill to make unique landing pages!” Using a landing page optimization tool such as Optimizely or Unbounce, you can make and test dozens of variations without any design or coding chops. Then you can make ads and landing pages whose images, messages and offer sync up perfectly. You will never look back.

It comes down to one thing: know thine audience

The more you know about who your target customers are and what makes their hearts go pitter-patter, the better you will be at crafting segments and ads that get to the heart of your market.

As with any strong campaign, kick off your planning with the creation of customer personas. Once you have identified who is interested in your product or service, and why, everything gets incredibly clear — you know exactly who to speak to, and how. Pair that with some rigorous testing (because you never really know what works until you try), and your Facebook Ads campaign will begin to sparkle and shine with the best of them.

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Jeff Johnson

Director of Paid Media @ Bloom


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